When you want the chicken from the coop out back, you call the farmer. When you want the trophy buck from the deep, dark wood, you call the hunter

We are that hunter! Profound Placement does not farm resumes or post-and-pray. The hunt is what we are in this for and what we excel at. We go live on each search… after fresh meat. We are your bird dog, put us on the scent!

Technology has its limitations in the people business

We are very mindful that in the business of recruiting people are the product. Candidates are more than what one reads in a resume and companies are more than earnings reports and stock prices. Each person, candidate or client, has a unique way of communicating. We treat people as individuals. We are upfront and honest with them. We prefer a handshake and a look in the eye to email and video interviews.  We offer a customized approach to each search, ensuring that you, our client, find the best person for each position. We know our people and are confident that they will excel as your people!

Our network is your network

Networking with “Passive” candidates is the secret sauce in recruiting. Maybe not all that secret, but definitely one of the more challenging aspects of being successful in such a competitive market. A recent study published by Indeed revealed that 92% of top performing employees who are happily employed still “passively” look for jobs a few times a year and 77% look at new jobs monthly! We’ve spent countless hours building a network of HR and PR professionals in the Bay Area. We identify top talent in your industry ahead of time, then we build and nurture relationships that allow unprecedented access to the pros you will be looking for when the time comes. Find your next employee without all of the lead-time of a fresh search by working with Profound Placement.