The things you would love to know on your first day

We have all been there, it is day number one, we have signed the packet and been to HR for orientation. One can feel deluged with new faces and info. Well, Profound wants to give you as helpful a start as possible. With this in mind, we go the distance in our discovery conversation with your employer. We ask the questions not found on corporate websites or company reviews.

Such as…

  • Office location(s)
  • Hours of operation
  • Dress code
  • How is the office laid out – Cubicles, shared space, closed doors?
  • Is remote work a possibility
  • How often do you get paid? Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?
  • Any fun perks you should know about? Catered lunches, happy hours or subsidized gym memberships?

The 411

These “snapshots” are an added bonus which provide true insight into your new team. Hopefully they allow you to envision the work Environment and match it to your goals.

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