The Profound Approach

The search process is the most important difference in doing things Profoundly. Our search begins with face-to-face contact, not job boards and recycled resumes! Profound Placement offers you the ability to reach out to a curated network of Bay Area professionals immediately and effectively. Top notch candidates are busily succeeding in their jobs and are highly valued by their employers which makes initial contact a challenge. Profound powers through these barriers for you! We identify the best of the best and interest them in your opportunity.

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Stellar talent seldom lies on the surface. Knowing this, our search process incorporates a variety of tactics; using web resources, an expert understanding of the field, and a broad network of industry contacts. We understand human resources and media relations and we understand search. This knowledge, coupled with direct outreach and our book of contacts are the keys to your success.

The job boards, social media and other technology resources seem to make recruiting easier, but in specialized fields such as human resources and public relations, they often result in wasted time and poor candidate matches. Profound Placement’s approach results in a customized search strategy including profiling, targeting, timing and recruiting tactics. No search is alike and we relish the challenge of engineering a one-off solution for you.

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Humanizing Technology

Contrary to popular thought, especially here in the Bay Area, the basis of innovation need not always be  technological advance. The answer to complaints about the hiring process is not to abandon technology but to adjust and make the new way of working more human. In the case of recruiting, the necessary innovation is to return to a time of clear and concise communication between all stakeholders. By peeling back the distance between Client and Candidate as well as clarifying the hiring process itself, the Profound Approach returns the clarity while removing the frustration and inefficiency.